Granted authorization

In this sense, the AEMPS has granted authorization to some companies in Spain for the cultivation of cannabis for research purposes, as well as the production of derivatives of cannabis extractions. This is the case of a company that has authorization from the AEMPS to develop an experimental project called Production of flowers and leaves for the extraction of Sera Labs CBD Oil cannabinoids.

The AEMPS lists a series of requirements to be able to carry out the cultivation, as they can only deliver the products to other entities authorized by the AEMPS, or that their inspection department will be able to carry out controls on the plants when required.

The legal commercialization of products with Sera Labs CBD Oil in Spain is close. The involvement of the pharmaceutical industry for the distribution of products in the market is lacking. After the experimentation phase, the problem is to find companies that have the necessary machinery and that are authorized by the Ministry of Health.

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