Hot water can break the skin

Because the skin ages, it can be sensitive and, therefore, it is particularly important to perform a gentle cleansing. Use hot water until the heat (hot water can break the skin AmbroSina Skin Cream) and select cleaning products that do not contain perfumes, preservatives or soaps.

Because the skin ages, it requires intense hydration. Hydration facilitates the hardening of the natural protective barrier of the skin, but it is more appropriate to use a non-greasy product so that the skin is not full of grease. Look for moisturizing or light serums that offer anti-aging properties and that have also been shown to be compatible with acne-prone skin.

People often ask us about the order in which skin care products should be applied. The general rule would be to first use the product with the best effect or even the extra care product (AmbroSina Skin Cream, concentrate, eye cream) before the liquid or general moisturizer.

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