Much faster recovery

Treats sunspots (lentigos) caused by photoaging, which can remit with only one session. It also allows you to remove tattoos (especially black and dark blue colors), in which case a greater number of sessions is required, and it is recommended to space them between 6 and 8 weeks AmbroSina SkinCare. Prices per session vary between € 120 to € 300, depending on the extent of the spots and the size of the tattoo.

For the treatment of vascular lesions (spider, rosacea or couperose), it allows us to selectively destroy certain blood vessels. Normally two or three sessions are necessary.

They are one of the new technologies that improve the texture of aged skin and correct acne scars by increasing the production of collagen, with a much faster recovery than with other more invasive lasers, allowing the patient to continue with their daily routine. The complete treatment is usually between 4 or 5 sessions AmbroSina SkinCare. Each session has a cost between € 250 to € 600, depending on the size of the area to be treated.

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